FAQs about SHAREit

What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a file sharing application from which you can send files to another device with a higher speed than that of Bluetooth. This application lets you send larger files like movies, documents, apps and more within seconds.How to download the SHAREit app?

To download the SHAREit application, you can click here. It has a direct link to download the application in your device.Is SHAREit available for iOS?

Yes, SHAREit is available for iOS as well as Android operating system.How to send files from iPhone to Android?

To send the files from iOS to Android, first, download the application from this link.
1. On Android, open SHAREit and tap on the Receive option.
If no WiFi network is available, SHAREit will create its own WiFi hotspot (WiFi Direct). Once the hotspot starts, on your iOS device, go to Settings>WiFi. Make sure WiFi is turned on and select the hosted network from under Choose a Network section.
2. When the iOS device is connected to the network hosted by SHAREit on the Android device, open the SHAREit app on iOS and tap on Send.
3. Choose a file to send from photos, videos, or in-app storage. If the file you want to send is not available in these locations, import the file to the local storage of the app using iTunes File Sharing option or the Open In Feature of another app.
4. Once the file is selected, you should be able to see the receiver’s device on the screen. Tap on the receiver to send the file.

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